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We have $30,000 Viking appliances in our kitchen. They are six years old.

Three years ago the refrigerator/freezer leaked water all over the hardwood floor doing considerable damage. Last Fall our "closed system" failed (the compressor and entire cooling system--a repair costing more than $2000). At the time, Viking told me that a failed closed system is not unusual for the age of our refrigerator!!?? Sounded ludicrous to me but because the 'piece of junk' matches everything else in my kitchen, I sucked it up and spent the $ to repair the refrigerator.

Then two weeks after the closed system was replaced, Viking sent notice of a 'hinge recall,' claiming the door could fall off. I did not see anything wrong with my refrigerator door hinges but I called Viking and was strongly urged to replace the door hinge. Immediately after replacing the hinge there WAS a significant problem, as the door now does not close easily.

Low and behold, six weeks later, at the end of 2011, Viking issued a second 'hinge recall' and this time offered customers a reduced price of $4470 ($4100 + tax) to buy a new Viking refrigerator. I contacted Viking customer service immediately because I wanted to know if Viking was willing to reduce the replacement cost of a new refrigerator to help compensate me for the major repair I just incurred.

After 3 months of phone calls and emails waiting for Viking to respond to my request, I finally sat on hold for 20 minutes waiting for a 'customer service representative'(I use this term loosely) who was authorized to help. I explained the fact that I was willing to replace my refrigerator if the cost was truly $4500, but since I just spent more than $2000 on repairs, this new replacement refrigerator would effectively cost me $6500. I asked if Viking would be willing to reduce the replacement cost in any way. I was told, "No, the price you have is the price you'll pay." [Direct quote]

I inquired why Viking had not made this replacement offer when my "˜closed system' failed--before I sunk $2000 into this refrigerator just 3 months prior. I was told that was "beside the point" and I could "take the offer or not" but there "is nothing more Viking will do."

I advise anyone and everyone who has not already made the purchase, DON'T BUY VIKING!! Not only is this an mediocre refrigerator but their customer service is by far the worst I have encountered.

Yes, I will be buy a SubZero and use a front panel to match my other graphite grey appliances.

Product or Service Mentioned: Viking Range Refrigerator.

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Beckley, West Virginia, United States #912223

I feel your pain. We have a kitchen full of Viking appliances that don't work.

I defrost my freezer with a hairdryer once a week and the refrigerator leaks water all over the floor. My wine cooler doesn't cool. My under counter ice maker died after one year and my stove overheats and the cleaning mechanism gets stuck. I have a fortune in junk.

It would be great if everything could be repaired but we can't even get parts.

My meat drawer has been broken for 6 years and haven't even been able to get that.

Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, United States #894488

Agreed. Viking sucks!

I have a range top and microwave. Range top needed rubber range protectors, unable to buy any.

Door stuck closed on microwave, cannot get Viking maint to support. Never again!

Chula Vista, California, United States #735597

I also bought all Viking appliances hoping spending the extra cash to "buy American" would give me some level of quality. The fridge and microwave have been repaired over 4 times in 3 years.

Their customer service department is not at all helpful. I will never purchase Viking appliances again!

Wilmington, Delaware, United States #714238

I have a a Viking Convection Microwave oven brand new. It hasn't worked since the day it was installed.

I spent over a thousand dollars for this appliance. I've had it since April 2013 and have yet to get a replacement.

Viking's customer service is the worst I have ever encountered!

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States #694029

You are so lucky because I did have problems like you and I elected to get the new replacement refrigerator. Guess what, just notified that the new refrigerators have doors that fall off.

And it is recalled. So you buy a new refrig because previous hinge fixes failed and because of the poor seal, the refrig has many other problems with moisture.

And you get a similar defective product. LOL and they say Viking is ***, they get paid to sell you the another refrig with the same defect.

to Shame on me for believing them #694126

I am so sorry you've got another problem....I personally have not regretted refusing Viking's "replacement offer."

To be honest, I would never buy another Viking product...And I make sure that I tell my story to anyone who will listen.

When I went to the large high-end appliance dealers in our area to evaluate the Viking replacement offer, the sales people ALWAYS steered me away from Viking. In response to the question, "If you were in the market for the best high end refrigerator/freezer which one would you buy?" All sales people (100%) responded with "Sub-Zero." [Try it yourself and see.]

Later, after I got his/ her opinion, I told the sales person about my experience and why I was asking. Most sales people admitted that Viking used to be a top company but now it is junk. I was told that unless the customer has his/her mind made up on Viking, the sales staff tries to dissuade a Viking purchase. (As one sales person told me, "We don't want angry customers coming back to us."

to kerryw Beckley, West Virginia, United States #912224

All repairmen steer you away from Viking !! Inferior products with no service and no support from distributor.

King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania, United States #656897

all these things are true for me. i bought a 'viking upgrade package' when i moved into a new house. the microwave blew in the first month. viking repaired it four times in that first year. as soon as the warranty ended (one year) so did their repair service. i fought with them for another year, trying to get them to replace an obvious lemon. nope. threw the *** thing in the dumpster.

i've spent about $600 on various repairs of my other viking appliances. just this very morning i spent $300 to repair my viking stove, which blew its thermostat. it seems a wire was left in contact with a metal housing, and the insulation finally burned through. nice job, viking.

refrigerator has been serviced for drainage issues. max freezer temps apparently cause the drain to freeze, backing up the freezer with ice and shutting down the icemaker. this ***'s as cranky and reliable as an old jaguar.


As I stated in my last email, Viking's customer service has been consistently non-responsive, but when I wait on hold for 20-30 minutes forcing someone to speak with me, they are downright rude. They will not budge in the replacement cost of my highly defective refrigerator/ freezer. I have given up on that.

The Viking authorized technician replaced my door hinge at Viking's insistence because Viking claimed the hinge was defective. I have had this expensive piece of Viking junk in my kitchen for 6 years and I felt the door hinge was fine. In fact, the door hinge may be the only part of this crappy refrigerator that never broke. HOWEVER MY DOOR HINGE IS BROKEN NOW -- after Viking replaced my door hinge. Now that the door is truly broken, I believe it is actually quite dangerous. Viking has been promising to find a technician to repair this hazard for more than 6 months. But still no action on Viking's part.

In my opinion, it is unconscionable that Viking refuses to help me get this fixed, especially when Viking admits that this defective hinge can cause serious injury or even death.


I have a Viking kitchen (side-by-side refrigerator/freezer, microwave, stove, oven and dishwasher). The refrigerator has been a problem for over 6 years.

Without exaggeration there have been over 50 visits to my home which is in Puerto Vallarta, MX. All of the appliances were purchased at a Viking authorized dealer in Mexico. Today, the icemaker has been non functional for over 7 mos. The distributor came to the house and unilaterally canceled my warranty.

I have called and written to Viking Corp officials to no avail. My advice to everyone is stay away from Viking unless you want constant aggravation.

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