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We have all Viking appliances installed into a new construction home in 2004. These are the very Worst appliances ever made.

Unbelievably overpriced, with very low reliability. With the exception of the range, every appliance has now been repaired multiple times. Refrigerator at least 3. These are not free warranty covered repairs and have ranged from a low of $360 per repair to a high of over $800 on one of the refrigerator repairs.

Despite the cost, it's a huge inconvenience to schedule and then wait for the repairman and only to find out he got here with the wrong parts. Don't waste your hard earned money for what is clearly a status product. Theses are awful devices. By the way, the microwave has now lost most of the display.

When the whole thing goes, it's going in the garbage.

Same with anything else that breaks.

Really, really, really, bad products from a gouging company. Buyer beware!

Product or Service Mentioned: Viking Range Range.

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It so hard to understand how they even stay in business. Everyone with a viking appliance should try to buy the comapnay and put them out of business since it can't be fixed by their management.

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