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I am a builder and do not recommend Viking at all---They have horrible customer service and do not stand behind their products---First hand experience---Run, do not walk away from their products---The company was notified of the problem with their product and replaced it with a same unit and when it did not preform they want people to pay for new units---If the product is bad, which they admitted then replace it with a new product that will preform--They also have no repair support and all you get is Mr. Green, Mr.

Brown and then Mr. Runaround---The service after the sale is horrible---

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States #759486

We built a vacation home in northern Michigan and equipped it with Viking cooktop, ovens, and downdraft. All have had problems and have been used about six weeks a year.

The downdraft that rises and disappears failed to rise out of warranty, but probably had never been used more that 20 times. It cost me $1100 to fix that. Now the downdraft would not turn on and so I figured out that it was the key pad. I called Viking and they told me that parts were no longer available.

It's non functional! So, I cut into the line to the switch and added a toggle switch so that it would work. However, not many could or would do that. Our double oven had a door that really took two hands to pull down and I really never tried to get it fixed until the downdraft failed.

The tech told me that it needed new hinges. I took it apart and found that the skin of the door was too close to the hinge and was binding. It came from the factory that way. I moved the skin out and fixed it.

One of the igniters on the cooktop failed under warranty and was fixed. So, would I ever buy Viking again? Absolutely not! Why would anyone spend big money for junk?

I have often believed that one gets what they pay for, but not this time. And, I talked to Viking customer service through all of this and they could care less.

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