I own a Viking professional series dishwasher, purchased just under three years ago. Dishwasher works fine but its brackets (which keeps dishwasher from tilting forward when loading/unloading) have broken.

Viking reps as well as their local distributor if pretty much admitted that the dishwasher is of lesser quality because it was manufactured by some other company in 2009. Viking no longer uses this company and brackets have been redesigned on current models. An obvious design defect, and I asked them to take on 50% of the repair costs but Viking refuses to even share the costs of repairs.

Very bad customer service from Showanda Young (syoung@vikingrange.com) and they won't stand by their reputation. Very disappointing.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Knox, Indiana, United States #809332

Our Viking RDDB201SS is just over a year old. It has never washed my dishes properly.

Need to wash and acrub before AND after. Coffee films in cups and cloudy glasses. The old Kitchen Aid we discarded did a better job. Sob.

Wonder what went wrong with this formerly(?) reputable company. What should we buy instead of this embarrassing appliance?

Bosch? Any good American products out there?


Your dishwasher was built by ASKO and the brackets are stamped as part of the tank. Once they break there is no fixing them.

The reason they broke was because if an improper installation. This is not really the fault ASKO or Viking. However there is a way to secure your machine.

There should be ajustable side trims, set your machine and install a screw in the top and bottom of each side trim firmly into your cabinets. It will never move again.

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