I purchased an oven and gas cooktop from an appliance company. On both the cooktop and the oven, the letters indicating hi/low/start that are black font on the stainless steal do not stay and fade off in about 1 1/2 years.

The company does not stand behind their products and I was told that since the item is out of warranty, they will not fix it.

I ask how can the letters come off? Shouldn't this be made with material that can withstand the heat? They will not even talk to me now that the item is out of the warranty period.

This is rotton. I will never again buy a Viking product. The knobs now have no markings where to "light" or high/low/med setting and you have to guess at what setting you are wanting.

Shame on you Viking for charging for a Mercedes and getting a Volkswagon!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Viking Range Range.

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Bensenville, Illinois, United States #1327749

I found a solution to this problem. All Viking Parts now carries these kits for the control panels that are great fixes. Here is a link.



Very true. Viking makes really crappy products.

All they have is a cool name. the products suck and don't last. My condo came with an entire Viking kitchen.

I thought I'd hit the jackpot until I had later I had to repair the fridge and the stove and completely replace the dishwasher within 5 years. The only thing that still works fine (knocking on my hardwood floors) is the the microwave (and that was actually made by Goldstar).

Santa Monica, California, United States #1238655

Viking now makes them laser etched so they don't wear off.

If you have a VEDO5302SS I have a few of the brand new laser etched ones, 4TomClark@Gmail.com

London, England, United Kingdom #745464

I had the same issue. I ordered replacement decals from ovenlettering.

Hope that helps



Same problem!! I only use soft cotton cloths to clean my viking cooktop and within one year the lettering started coming off.

Viking will not respond to my e-mails.

Now - six years later - I have no lettering on my cooktop - zero . nada.


Well, they got us too. I should have done my home work on viking> But like so many before me thought that a big price tag meant better quality.

MADE IN THE USA at one time meant something. No wonder the country is in the mess its in. Viking should be ashamed of themselves.

Bought a whole kitchen worth. And an outside bar and an inside bar.

ice makers beverage centers dishwashers loaded it up. We have problems with every appliance and have had for two years now.

you get it fixed and less then a month its down again multiply that by 10 appliances and---- you get the drift. DONT BUY VIKING "Florida" :(


Lawsuit started against Viking... contact F.

Gerald Maples Law Firm 1-866-548-7765. :cry


Same problem. i understand that chemicals will do certain bad things to silk screening, inks etc.

But wesopent the money to replace the plates and only use water softly and the numbers are still coming off.

They will pay for replacement of part but not the labor. Even if the part is defective.


The poor quality of the the Viking appliances is unbelievable. The company has obviously pulled off a major "bait and switch".

I purchased the full designer package and was shocked at the low grade stainless steel used... the dishwasher literally takes three hours to cycle a "normal" wash, and does not dry the dishes, the microwave came with two top plate mounting screws that have no thread and can be pulled right out of the backing nut... I have never seen such poor quality/engineering on such expensive products.

Never again. :(


i have a viking oven/ warmer/ and cooktop too, and have had the same problem. it's not so bad on the cooktop because at least there is a white marking left over when the black wears off.

But on the oven many letters are missing and scrape right off. ridiculous, esp.

considering the price of these appliances!!! :(



The customer service rep was dismissive and cold.

The lettering comes off because of amonia in the cleaning agent.

You'd think they would fix this common problem. A cook top needs to be cleaned daily.

Incidently I have a Miele dishwasher and have not had any similar problem in six years.

Do you know that a new logo plate is $90?


I have had the same problem with the lettering on my oven faceplate, and my warming drawer. Steam vents out near the lettering on both appliances and it causes the lettering to come off.

I have read that Viking just blames this one people using the wrong cleaners. I have a complete VIking kitchen, and I would NEVER buy another Viking appliance. Ever single one of them has had something go wrong within the first couple years/.

The quality is second rate, as is their customer service. I read a post on another board that was quite apt- "its like buying a Ferrari with a few dents"

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